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Monday, April 27, 2009

Luxasia Sale 2009

Since I wasn't working I went down to the sale on Friday morning. Standard Chartered cardholders were allowed entry at 10am whilst I had to wait till 11am before I could get in. I think a lot of great deals were gone by then, but I managed to get the last 2 Jurlique Puriying Masks for $5 each. This round I got Jurlique, Stila, and Ipsa products though my original intention was to just top up on Decleor face oils.

Total Damage: $121.

Luxasia Sale Haul

I got a couple of products by Stila although I didn't think much of their products when I tested them at the recent Robinson's sale because it is rumoured they were either moving out of Singapore or closing down or both. In addition, I had seen the petal infusion skincare line on strawberrynet and had wanted to order it a couple of months back as the blue flowery bottles are just so cute. Unfortunately, it smells and feels just like Jurlique's Soothing Day Care Lotion. I had to stop myself from getting the eye makeup remover pads and cleansing cloths that came in the same blue packaging since I have tons of St Ives cleansing wipes and O2 eye makeup remover pads.

Stila petal infusion

And I found an eyeshadow palette which was not at the Robinson's sale, and which I felt was so pretty. Very pearlised + glittery and in my fave color, purple! The only drawback is that there is no applicator and the glittery chunks could have just been ommitted. But @ just $8 each, why not? I even got them in both color combinations, Montmarte (left) and Marrakesh (right). You can see the swatch of Montmarte here.

Stila Montmarte Marrakesh eyeshadow
Stila Montmarte Marrakesh eyeshadow
Jurlique will be reviewed in a seperate post as I have a ton of Jurlique products to clear off. It seems that they are clearing the rebalance oiliness line. I got 4 bottles of Citrus Purifying Mist and 2 tubes of their Purifying Mask. A lot of essential oils were on sale too for $5-$15 each. I got the Ylang Ylang for $11. I think it retails for double that in Australia.

And Ipsa Metaboliser. I think this is similar to Laneige's Clear C Effector serum. A clear fluid that is neither water or gel. They have 18 different kinds of metabolizers for different skin types but about 5 kinds at the sale. I chose ME(tabolizer) White EX-1 because it supposedly whitens and controls sebum at the same time. This retails for Y7500 but I got it for just $24.

Ipsa Metaboliser EX-1

Ipsa Metaboliser EX-1 ingredients


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