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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Chilli Nachos & Beer @ Harry's

Chilli Nachos at Harry's
Best nachos after the quesadillas bolognaise at Coffee Club. I have been crazy about beef mince with lots of hot chillies.

Chilli Nachos at Harry's

Monday, December 27, 2010

Pumpkin Cake, Yam Paste, Chendol Ice @ Dessert Story

We were looking for a place to have a drink whilst waiting for our movie to start, and decided that Dessert Story would be a nice change from MacDonald's.

Dessert Story

Dessert Story

They serve snacks, dim sum, hot and cold dessert and drinks. The prices has recently gone up as you can see, but their pumpkin, yam and carrot cakes are pretty good.

We had the pumpkin cake which came sprinkled with sesame seeds, and with chilli and sweet sauce on the side. Soft, savoury and piping hot.

Dessert StoryI can't say the same for the siew mai which is obviously heated from frozen.

Dessert StoryThe yam paste they serve is thick and not watery, like at some other places. It comes with pieces of pumpkin, gingko nuts and a little coconut milk.

Dessert Story

They also happen to serve shaved ice-cream which seems to be the next trend after bubble tea. I had the chendol ice with traditional sweetened red beans and green jelly, and it tasted exactly like Milo. The portion was huge but it wasn't addictive. Anyway, that's coming from someone who doesn't understand why people queue to buy KOI.

Dessert Story

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas 2010 Log Cakes from TCC

Christmas Log Cakes from TCC

We were having a drink at TCC and since I love chestnuts, I decided to see if they had sampling for their log cakes, particularly the Winter Merriments log. I was glad they let us sample all three logs as the combination of chestnuts and vanilla cream brulee was a disappointment. The taste of chestnuts wasn't strong enough, and the combination just tasted kind of weird.

Christmas Log Cakes from TCC

The Ra'splendor Choco and D'Caramelody logs were pretty good though. The former is a duet of sweet Raspberry Milk Chocolate and sour Raspberry Jelly.

Christmas Log Cakes from TCC

The D'caramelody log is a combination of sweet caramel and light chocolate mousse.

Christmas Log Cakes from TCC

Personally, I would go for the Ra'splendor Choco log as the rich chocolate is nicely offset by the sour and chewy raspberry jelly, which is a nice change from the regular fruit bits.

Christmas Log Cakes from TCC

Friday, December 10, 2010

Hello Kitty English-Japanese Dictionary

Cute pink Hello Kitty Pocket Progressive English Dictionary that I saw at Kinokuniya. A very basic word dictionary. Probably good for travelling and that's about it.

Hello Kitty English-Japanese Dictionary

Hello Kitty English-Japanese Dictionary

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Porridge Buffet @ Quality Hotel

The porridge buffet at Quality Hotel is cheap at $16.90++ per head. Considering the price, the variety is surprisingly good and the food tasty. It costs $10.90++ per head after 10pm, but you get fewer dishes (no dessert or cooking stations,) and mostly what's leftover from the dinner session.

I got myself the shredded chicken and braised peanut porridge, as it was more flavourful than the more common sweet potato porridge. White rice is available as well, in case you're like the boy who thinks that porridge is only for people who are ill.

Condiments to go with the porridge - saltedduck eggs, fried dace, pickled cucumber, spicy fermented beancurd, prawn floss, shredded cuttlefish, salted seaweed.

Mee Goreng and prawns.

Porridge Buffet Quality Hotel
Braised duck.

Fish with chives and red chilli, braised tau pok.

Beef stew, ngoh hiang, fried chicken and fried money bag dumplings.

Curry chicken with bread. I couldn't stop eating the bread which was soft and fluffy with a chewy crust.

Traditional kuehs made with ingredients like glutinous rice flour, tapioca, green bean, coconut and peanut.

The boy went for the ice kachang without any regard for potential after effects. I must say though, I was happy to let him satisfy his craving as I get to take a picture of the ice-maker...

the colorful toppings...

and his creation!

When eating out, I still prefer my food hot. I think I had three bowls of the piping hot cheng terng. Nothing beats traditional hot desserts.

They also serve black glutinous rice and green bean soup, but only one type of hot dessert a day.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Minced Pork Noodles @ Blk 85 Bedok North

Blk 85 Bedok minced pork
As we have supper rather frequently, we keep a lookout for new places which serve food that is good and cheap. One night, stumped for a place to spend time together and have little chit chats, the boy remembered good reviews on the hawker food in Bedok that he had come across recently on the internet. The only thing was, he didn't remember exactly where in Bedok. Thus we drove blind around Bedok, and came to block 85 which was still bustling at 11pm.

I didn't find the food at this hawker centre appealing, but seeing that one stall had put up newspaper cuttings featuring their food as well as the awards they received, I decided to give it a try. They were selling mince pork noodles, which isn't uncommon, except that the meat is ground to the consistency of puree, and cooked by simply pouring hot soup over it and letting it stand for however long it took for the noodles to cook. Although I have an issue with eating pork cooked this way, I must admit that it melts in your mouth and is really addictive. Topped with a spoonful of cut red chillies, it was difficult for me to resist going back for more.

Susie N.Y Nail Polish Color 01 Red Glitter

I got this Susie N.Y nail color in a happy bag during my last trip to Tokyo. I was never tempted to use it as the color in the bottle was too neon for my taste. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the color goes on rather sheer and this is how one coat of the polish looks like on the nails.

A sweet light pink with one coat, a darker raspberry pink with fine golden glitters with two coats.

Susie N.Y Nail Polish
Susie N.Y Nail Polish

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Childhood Snacks

I'm so glad that a shop near my place is still selling these childhood snacks. They come in large aluminum tins, mainly from Malaysia, and are sold by the grams, usually a few cents to a dollar plus per 100 grams.

Spiced ginger cookies which always reminds me of snails for some reason :D

My favourite colorful oval-shaped biscuits with icing on the top. I have a preferred method of eating these cookies, by biting off the icing and letting it melt in my mouth, then popping the plain biscuit in for the crunch.