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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Porridge Buffet @ Quality Hotel

The porridge buffet at Quality Hotel is cheap at $16.90++ per head. Considering the price, the variety is surprisingly good and the food tasty. It costs $10.90++ per head after 10pm, but you get fewer dishes (no dessert or cooking stations,) and mostly what's leftover from the dinner session.

I got myself the shredded chicken and braised peanut porridge, as it was more flavourful than the more common sweet potato porridge. White rice is available as well, in case you're like the boy who thinks that porridge is only for people who are ill.

Condiments to go with the porridge - saltedduck eggs, fried dace, pickled cucumber, spicy fermented beancurd, prawn floss, shredded cuttlefish, salted seaweed.

Mee Goreng and prawns.

Porridge Buffet Quality Hotel
Braised duck.

Fish with chives and red chilli, braised tau pok.

Beef stew, ngoh hiang, fried chicken and fried money bag dumplings.

Curry chicken with bread. I couldn't stop eating the bread which was soft and fluffy with a chewy crust.

Traditional kuehs made with ingredients like glutinous rice flour, tapioca, green bean, coconut and peanut.

The boy went for the ice kachang without any regard for potential after effects. I must say though, I was happy to let him satisfy his craving as I get to take a picture of the ice-maker...

the colorful toppings...

and his creation!

When eating out, I still prefer my food hot. I think I had three bowls of the piping hot cheng terng. Nothing beats traditional hot desserts.

They also serve black glutinous rice and green bean soup, but only one type of hot dessert a day.

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