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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cortry Remedy for Eye Mask

This is an eye mask that supposedly contains 26 different chinese herbs like ginseng, radix astragali, radix angelicae, pearl, pollen and sandalwood, which helps to reduce dark eye circles and eyebags, relieve eye fatigue, diminish fine lines and wrinkles. I use it more for the purpose of hydrating the eye area as well as improve blood circulation and diminish eyebags.

It smells just like the herbs it contains and takes a little getting used to though it isn't very offensive since the patch is small. I don't think it's recommended for people with sensitive skin as the skin around my eye area turns reddish after using this eye mask (though this is the intended effect). Definitely not appropriate for use just before going out but best used just before bedtime. Although it states on the packaging that the redness subsides after 20 minutes, my own personal experience was more like 2 hours? I like it though, because it's natural, as always.

It comes in a box of 6 individually wrapped pairs.

Cortry Remedy Eye Mask
Cortry Remedy Eye Mask
It also comes in a box of 18 pairs which opens up like a book.

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