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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Snacks from Muji - Cranberry Roll, Banana Chips, Honeyed Corn Snack

The Roasted Tea and Cranberry Roll Cake is from Muji and a little expensive, but which item from Muji isn't? I can taste the tea in the cake, but there were only a few cranberries in the cream which I could barely taste. It's pretty nice though. If it were cheaper I'd definitely stock up.

Muji Cranberry Roll

Muji Cranberry Roll

The banana chips were a disappointment. They were hard, too thick for my liking, and tasted a little plasticky.

Muji Banana Chips

I loved the corn snack with honey though. The texture is more like huge rice puffs than the popcorn you get at cinemas. Sweeter than expected with an annoying tendency for kernels to occasionally get stuck in your teeth.

Muji Pop Corn Snack

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