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Monday, October 31, 2011

Taipei Day 1: Kuo-Kuang Airport Bus (国光客运), Vieshow Cinemas & McDonalds

We touched down Taipei rather late at night, and took the Kuo-kuang bus from the airport to Taipei Main Station, and from there, we walked all the way to our hotel. Had we known that it would take us 20 minutes of searching, we would have just taken a taxi which would have taken us 5 minutes and cost us less than NT80 (S$3.50).

You can find the ticketing counter for the Kuo-kuang bus (and other buses like Evergreen, Freego, U-Bus) just before exiting the airport and the waiting area for the buses is just outside. Tickets for the Kuo-kang bus, a typical coach, cost us NT125 per person.

We decided to have a quick dinner at the 24-hours McDonalds near our hotel, before familiarizing ourselves with the area around the Taipei Main Station. Dinner was disappointing. I had a fish fillet which looked pale and unappetizing. As expected, there was also no garlic chilli, which for most Singaporeans, is a must with McDonalds' fries.

After our late dinner, we went to Qsquare, and the cinema located on the 4th floor was the only place still open for business.

The boy wanted to catch Tresspass but the prices were off-putting. NT310 (S$13.50) for a movie ticket as compared to an average of $8 back home. Considering that we catch almost every movie that opens, at such pricing, going to the movies in Taipei could almost be considered a minor luxury.

The area around Taipei Main Station comprises of the MRT station (subway lines), the Railway station (normal rail and high speed rail lines) with Breeze Center on the 2nd floor, and the Bus station, where Qsquare is. There is a decent amount of shopping to be done around the area [K Underground Mall (eslite), K Mall, Shinkong Mitsukoshi, Breeze Center, Qsquare, Zhongshan Metro Mall, Station Front Metro Mall], and we found ourselves coming back a couple of times to the Taipei Main Station, although we moved to a hotel in Ximending from the second night onwards.

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AhKai said...


Thanks for your sharing of your trip to taiwan.

I have one question which is, I'm quite curious on whether how long does it takes to travel from Tao Yuan airport to taipei main station using the kuo guang bus services?

Thank you very much and i hope you will be able to reply me!

chloe said...

It takes about 40 minutes and costs NT125 pp. Have a great trip!

ptwm68 said...

I'm planning to go next month on my own. Your blog is very informative and useful to help me plan my trip. Thank you for posting and sharing the tips and info.