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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Naruko AMPM Super Hydra Skin Wakeup Pack

The Naruko AMPM Super Hydra Skin Wakeup Pack comes in a cardboard tube. The actual product is packaged in a white toothpaste-style tube with a red screw cap, and looks like some medicinal first aid product due to the red cross on the packaging.

Naruko AMPM Wakeup Pack

The tube contains 50g of clear moisture booster, to be used on the face in the mornings and on random dry patches of skin whenever it occurs. It absorbs extremely well on dry dehydrated skin, but on oily skin or in humid weather, this might leave a slightly tacky feel, especially after the first few uses.

Naruko AMPM Wakeup Pack

The scent is that of peppermint with a hint of lavender. It contains sodium hyaluronate and ceramides to hydrate, niacinamide to soothe inflammation and improve skin texture, d-panthenol to heal the skin. It is animal cruelty-free but it does contain parabens, alcohol and glycols.

Naruko AMPM Wakeup Pack

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