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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Singapore Garden Festival 2008

We went for the Singapore Garden Festival. Our tickets cost $5 each after the $1 passion card discount, and entry to the 6th level, was recorded with a stamp marking on our hands.

Here are some of my favourite exhibits of the day.

Tortoise covered with moss. I love moss. Can't wait to have lots of it in my fishtank.

An English Garden, and Fuschias, one of my favourite flowers.

And the lilies were HUGE and had a wonderfully lovely, albeit strong scent.

Orchids from Papua New Guinea arranged into headgear atop masks.

Anybody knows what are these? Reminds me of a field of lavender.

A common roadside tree in Singapore, the plumeria. The Balinese like to call it the Bali flower.

And the first time I've seen how the dragon fruit looks like unpicked and growing on its stem.

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