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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mushroom Park Steamboat

Have been going for the mushroom steamboat @ Serangoon Gardens quite often, especially when we feel we need something healthier or lighter.

We always order the same 2 sets - the Natural set ($29.90)and the Healthy set ($36.90). It starts off with mushroom floss, mushroom crisps and mushroom sashimi with wasabi!

Mushroom Park Steamboat
Accompanied by a healthy cup of 8 treasures tea which supposedly clears toxins and purifies the blood.

Mushroom Park Steamboat
The soup stock contains lingzhi, rumoured to prevent cancer. This was our mushroom variety for the day (being seasonal, it changes every few months).

Customer's choice of 4 available types of meat - chicken, beef, pork and mutton. This is the first time we ordered mutton as the boy doesn't mind the smell, whereas I'm not fond of it at all. Comes with the standard plate of green vegetables, tofu and yam pieces.

Boiling for 7 minutes to de-poison the mushrooms.

The rice was very delicious, though I wish it could have been more savoury. Steamed with pieces of mushroom, corn, carrot, pea, and topped with mushroom floss. The natural set doesn't come with mushroom rice but plain rice. It can be added on at $3 per bowl.

The meal ends with dessert - either green tea or milk pudding. I didn't feel like having green tea again and decided to try the milk pudding topped with strawberry sauce. Both came straight from the refrigerator and were refreshingly cold!

Mushroom Park Steamboat

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