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Monday, September 8, 2008

Chinese Ink Painting Class Lesson 1: Hen and Rooster

I was searching high and low for a place that conducts chinese ink painting classes, especially the community centres, but none fell on a wednesday evening when the boy has golf and I'd be alone. However, last Friday I found a class that is on Sundays, when the boy has golf too. I chose the latter session which was at 1.45pm so that the boy could have lunch with his friends, go home for a shower, then come fetch me for a day out.

It was held in a very old building. I had a hard time finding it and was 10 mins late for class. Fortunately, the teacher arrived even later, which meant that I did not miss anything. His teaching method is to pin a photocopy of a painting on the whiteboard, and demonstrate on a blank piece of paper pinned beside the photocopy.

Today we drew my most hated subject, the hen and rooster :(
I wanna draw flowers!!!

chinese ink painting rooster and hen

My weakness:
Proportion (Can never get the legs right. They're always too big, or it doesn't look like the hen is standing).

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