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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Free Box of Macarons from Bakerzin

I remember it was about two years back that I started having a craving for macarons. So much so that the boy bought me macaron birthday cakes two years in a row. Since then, I had always wanted to try my hand at making my own, but I guess it was just too much effort and so, although it's been nearly a year since I've gotten my own place, I have not attempted to make any.

Recently I got to satisfy my craving for free. We had signed up for the Bakerzin membership card, and along with it came quite a number of vouchers, including a free box of macarons.

If I remember correctly, it used to come in a clear plastic bag and not nicely boxed. This is so much better as the box protects the macarons from getting smashed as they are being transported back home.

Macarons from Bakerzin

Flavours are pre-packed, which means no choosing!

I liked this one the best. I'm not sure what this is, but the deep maroon color is lovely.

Bakerzin Macarons

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