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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Arezia Nail Color Mini Polish (Light Blue #714, Teal Blue #723)

Since I have mainly light pink nail polishes, but am craving the color blue, I popped over to Sasa to get myself some new bottles of nail polish. Coincidentally, they were having a 1-for-1 promotion and knowing the difficulty I have in finishing any product, I got myself two mini bottles of Arezia nail polish, in light blue (#714) and teal blue (#723).

Here's the teal blue (#723) after three days of wear. Note that I wash my hands quite frequently with soap. Two coats are enough to get color true to what you see in the bottle, and after three days, there is slght chipping at the edge without a top coat. A beautiful blue with a tinge of silver-grey.

The light blue polish isn't as nice, and two coats isn't enough to get color true to the bottle. In fact, the color on my nails is rather different from the color in the bottle. I see a hint of jade on my nails but not in the bottle.

What the color looks like after two coats.

A single coat.

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