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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Perfect Potion's 100% Certified Organic Floral Waters

Here are three of the four floral waters by Perfect Potion - the Rose Water for hydration, Neroli Water for freshening and lifting the spirits, and Lavendar Water for soothing and calming. The forth floral water is witch hazel, which I did not get, as it can be gotten so much cheaper from a pharmacy, even though it most probably wouldn't be organic. I used to get rosewater and glycerin from pharmacies when I was much younger and the product was purer. If you happen to pass by Guardian, take a look at their witch hazel and rose water. You will find that the product has coloring, among other things, added to it.

Perfect Potion Floral Water
Looking at words on the packaging, it seems that the rose and the lavendar water are pure enough to be used as a flavouring in the preparation of food and drinks. I would stick with using it on my skin though, as a toner, a mist (you have to get your own pump as the bottles come with a screw cap) and even to make a paste out of powdered face masks. The thing I like about these floral waters, even though they are moderately expensive at $28.90 for 100ml, is that there's no unnecessary chemicals added to it, and furthermore,  organic and pesticide-free.

Perfect Potion Floral Water
Purported benefits of each of these waters:

Balances oil production (good for oily skin)
Soothing (rashes, inflammation)

Neroli (Orange Blossom)
Astringent (good for oily skin)
Stimulating, uplifting
May help with spider veins

Healing (wounds, irritation, scars)

Not to mention that aromatheraphy aids in maintaining and restoring emotionally well-being. At least it makes me happy *0*.

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