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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dinner @ Brotzeit 313 Somerset

We first stepped into Brotzeit Vivocity about a year ago, as the boy likes sausages and of course, beer. I didn't have a particular liking for sausages as I could not think of it as real food, but only as breakfast food, kid's finger food, or cinema food.

I've accompanied the boy to Brotzeit a few times since then, and have started to acquire a liking for certain kinds of sausages, especially if they came in crispy casings. The fact that the German restaurant serves their sausages with a huge helping of sauerkraut helped a lot too.

We usually order the Wurstelplatte platter for two ($32.50) whenever we dine there. It consists of a mix of spicy chicken sausage, mini pork-beef cheese sausage, pork bratwurst, weistwurst sausage, and garlic sausage. The platter comes with sauerkraut, pickles and a trio of dipping sauces - mustard, sweet mustard and chilli.

Mixed Sausage Platter at Brotzeit 313 Somerset

My favourite of the lot, the spicy chicken sausage with the red chilli bits.

Mixed Sausage Platter at Brotzeit 313 Somerset

Mixed Sausage Platter at Brotzeit 313 Somerset

Mixed Sausage Platter at Brotzeit 313 Somerset

The boy would order a beer or two, and I would order their Apfelschorler, which is 100% apple juice mixed with sparkling mineral water. Looking at the difference in size, you can tell that one glass of apple juice wouldn't be quite enough. Oh, and did I ever tell you that fizzy apple juices taste like beer to me? Only sweeter and much better. I wish they came in pints.


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