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Friday, January 13, 2012

Lunar New Year Market 2012 @ Chinatown

So we went to Chinatown for the annual Lunar New Year Light Up, except that we went during the day, so it was just shopping and eating.

Lunar New Year Market

The boy wanted to get a lucky couplet for the office and a couple of luck (福) stickers for the house.

Lunar New Year Market

I was more interested in the food. We shared spicy cuttlefish on a stick ($3), bought a packet of garlic groundnuts, and spent $10 on a handful of preserved plums and jelly.

food at Chinatown

preserved plums

These preserved plums are delicious! I went back for more a week later and they were completely sold out :(

The one below is my favourite, as it was the most sour.

Sweet and mushy plum.

Some kind of chewy plum jelly.

The Lunar New Year Market is the same every year so I'll skip the pictures. You can refer to the 2010 post here :)

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