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Friday, January 6, 2012

Lupicia Tea: Melon Oolong (HoneyDew!)

I bought a couple of Lupicia teas during my trip to Taipei and my favourite would have to be the Melon Oolong. The melon pieces make the tea smell amazingly honey-sweet and mellow, though it does not add much to the taste. Which is a pity. Someone make some incredibly fruity tea please!

First time I've seen tea leaves all rolled up! A cute characteristic of oolong tea leaves.

In a minute or two, the oolong leaves unfurl completely and puffs up the teabag :) My first time making tea with rolled pearls and I was taken by surprise at how fat the teabag ended up. Time for some aromatherapy! It smells so good I would repurchase in a heartbeat >0<

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