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Monday, March 12, 2012

iLight Marina Bay 2012

The boy and I made a trip to Marina Bay Waterfront last evening, to see what the iLight Marina Bay 2012 festival was all about. It features innovative and environmentally sustainable light art installations along the promenade from Marina Bay Sands to the Merlion.

Garden of Light by Hexogon Solution Singapore is a projection on the facade of the ArtScience Museum telling a story of environmental sustainability and to highlight the beauty of nature. For the half hour we were there, we only saw this static field of flowers though. It seemed like a beautiful wallpaper.

Garden of Light iLight Marina Bay 2012

Parmenides 1 by Dev Harlan is supposed to be a hypnotic 3D projection of swirling abstract patterns which create an amazing sense of movement, colour and form. While I stood in the dark for five minutes, I again saw only a static orange ball. Perhaps you'd have the patience to wait longer.

Parmenides 1 iLight Marina Bay 2012

Sweet Home by Aleksandra Stratimirovic is an installation of lampshades which evoke a warm and homely atmosphere in a chaotic, polluted street through the use of light and colour. Is it a coincidence the artist is from Sweden? The moment I saw the installation I told the boy it feels like Ikea.

Sweet Home iLight Marina Bay 2012

Key Frames by Groupe LAPS from France, is a display of more than 20 static stick figures made out of LED light tubes that combine with music to create a choreographed display of movement. It isn't surprising then, that I found this installation to be the most interesting and dynamic one, out of the few I saw.

There are supposed to be 31 installations in all, but we only came across 7 of them which were located nearer to Marina Bay Sands. Despite the website promising a night carnival, workshops and talks, it wasn't as bustling as we had expected. It didn't help that most of the installations were underwhelming and the IT Fair and The Bodyshop Sale was happening just across the road at Suntec City.

iLight Marina Bay 2012 is on till 1 April 2012 from 7:30pm to 11pm at the Marina Bay Waterfront. You might want to go down for a romantic after dinner stroll. Perhaps things are more interesting over at the Merlion :)

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