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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kites Dotting The Sky At Marina Barrage

I had mistakenly thought that Gardens By The Bay was officially open, and asked the boy to drive us there on Tuesday. It turns out that the official opening will be in June 2012. 

Upon u-turning out of the area, we happened to see lots of kites dotting the sky at Marina Barrage and decided to take a few pictures. 

We ended up enjoying the breeze, visiting the gallery, and having peanut butter and kaya toast on a nice and cloudy public holiday afternoon.

Kite Flying At Marina Barrage

Kite Flying At Marina Barrage

The view of Marina Bay Sands now includes the Super Trees!

Kite Flying At Marina Barrage

People having a picnic, napping, or just plain chatting on the green roof. You can even rent the place for a corporate function or wedding reception.

Kite Flying At Marina Barrage

I've never seen this many kites dotting the sky!

The boy's favourite kite that day.

Kite Flying At Marina Barrage

This is the first time that we noticed there's a gallery on the 2nd floor. All about cherishing water in order to have a sustainable supply.

Sustainable Gallery At Marina Barrage

Sustainable Gallery At Marina Barrage

Sustainable Gallery At Marina Barrage

Sustainable Gallery At Marina Barrage

A simulation of flood control showing crest gates at the dam letting excess water from storms out into the sea, alleviating flooding in low lying areas in the city.

FLood Control At Marina Barrage

My yummy lime juice with bits of sour kana.

Tea At Marina Barrage

The toast was pathetic compared to Toast Box, but with a view of the sea, the food is secondary ;)

Toast At Marina Barrage

Address: 8 Marina Gardens Drive Singapore 018951 
Operating hours: Marina Barrage (all day), Sustainable Singapore Gallery (9am-9pm, closed Tues)


Rurousha said...

Oh, my, there's that hotel that looks like a yacht! So far I've only seen it in videos on Singapore Air flights, but there it is, it's actually real! :)

chloe.poppy said...

Marina Bay Sands? Lol, I've always thought it looked like a mother ship. I'm kind of expecting the top to take off some day ;)