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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shiseido Rosarium Rose Hair Pack

I fell in love with the Shiseido Rosarium Bath and Haircare line a couple of years ago, when I spotted it at a skincare and cosmetic store in Japan. Initially, I bought it because of the pretty rose print. Then I discovered that I liked the scent too. Not natural by any means, it is an artificial sweet rose scent that is rather strong but thankfully does not linger.

The cream is pink, and it washes off cleanly. In fact, for people with dry skin, the shower cream might not be suitable as it does strip the skin of moisture, but once in a while I need to slough off all the oil and grime and experience that squeaky clean feeling.

The shampoo performs similar to the shower cream in that it can be drying, but the hair pack does its job of conditioning the hair. That said, it is still more suitable for normal hair and for regular use. A light conditioner that does not weigh the hair down.

Shiseido Rosarium Rose Hair Pack

It is not expensive at around $24 a tube, and usually you get a discount at the store, putting the entire Rosarium range at around $12-20 per item. For a product by Shiseido and with such a delightful print, I'm contented.

Shiseido Rosarium Rose Hair Pack

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