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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ginger Chews Candy by The Ginger People (姜糖果)

I like ginger. Lots of it in my porridge. I like onions and garlic too. I can polish off an entire saucer of chopped garlic with my fish and chips at Fish & Co. 

Therefore, I couldn't resist getting myself a pack of Ginger Chews which I came across in one of the pharmacies at 112 Katong. $2.80 for a pack of less than 10 pieces of candy is quite expensive, but they are really addictive! 

Ginger Chews Candy by The Ginger People

The texture is comparable to hard mochi dusted with icing sugar, and although it is made up of mostly starch, the ginger flavour is intense (8% ginger) and it is deliciously spicy.

Ginger Chews Candy by The Ginger People


Lia said...

I have been looking for this candy for a very long time. Happened to come across your blog and so luckily I saw this ginger candy is sold in Singapore! Can I know the address where exactly you bought it from?
Thanks a lot

chloe said...

I purchased it from NTUC Unity Pharmacy in Katong Mall. If I remember correctly.