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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fruity Puffy, Tea and Grapefruit Calpis @ Fruit Paradise

So we were walking past Fruit Paradise at Vivocity when a new creation, the Fruity Puffy, caught my eye. I never like cream puffs, especially when most have horrible hard shell, but somehow it brought to mind the cream puffs that Singapore Airlines offered to passengers as pacification when a flight in 2009 was being delayed for 2 hours, and anything related to travel and food is a happy memory for me. 

Well, the long weekend was also upon us and we weren't traveling out of the country and what better remedy for a sad thought than some sinful cake. 

Can't decide between a cake or a tart or a cream puff? Hey, have all 3! Why not have some peaches, some strawberries, blueberries, and jelly too?

Fruity Puffy cream puff cake tart

Fruity Puffy cream puff cake tart

Fruity Puffy cream puff cake tart

Since there was only 1 cream puff, I divided it into 2, so that the boy and I could both have some. And I was sweet enough to make it more enticing for him.

Fruity Puffy cream puff cake tart

He had a grapefruit calpis which was too milky for him and I had a pot of Fruit Paradise tea which was too bland for me. We'll just stick to their tarts the next time.

grapefruit calpis

For some other varieties of tarts they serve, you may want to refer to my previous post.


Rurousha said...

You share your sweets?! I'm shocked! Nobody touches my sweets, especially not if it looks as gorgeous as that! :D

chloe said...

We have a habit of sharing everything..... so we can order more ... lol.