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Monday, October 1, 2012

Jill Stuart Berry Scrub N

The Jill Stuart Berry Scrub N comes in a 100ml clear tube with a silver screw top cap. A translucent orange-colored gel with specks of darker-colored abrasives, this provides very gentle exfoliation. It heats up upon rubbing, but like most similar products, the heat lasts for a mere 3 seconds, which probably does not benefit the skin in any way. 

I like the fact that this scrub is fragranced, but a pet peeve of mine which happens with this scrub as well, is that it doesn't foam. Hence, I have to either wash my face with the Jill Stuart Cream Face Wash before using this scrub, or to save time, mix them in a ration of 1:1, which of course, brings the already mild exfoliating action down to almost nil.

Jill Stuart Berry Face Scrub N

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