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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Late Lunch @ PS Cafe

We were back at Dempsey shopping for furniture and decided to go to PS Cafe for lunch. Not being terribly hungry, we shared a sheperd's pie that came with a bowl of pea soup with bits of ham in it. I had never tasted peas as a soup before and found that it tasted weird. The portion for the sheperd's pie was surprisingly small, but there was plenty of minced beef under the mashed potato & cheese gratin to make it real yummy!

PS Cafe sheperd's pie

We finally ordered the truffle oil-infused shoestring fries and not the regular PS fries. The portion for the shoestring fries however, was surprisingly huge and we had to takeaway the remainder yet again. Although it tasted much better than the ordinary PS fries, it had too little truffle oil and cheese in it to make it unforgettable.

PS Cafe truffle fries

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