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Friday, August 28, 2009

Dinner @ PS Cafe

PS Cafe
After furniture hunting at Dempsey, we decided to try out some new restaurant and finally settled for Western fare at PS Cafe. We had no idea PS stood for Project Shop until we tao bao'ed the fries and saw the entire name spelled out on the

The food tasted wonderful for the first few bites, but the more we ate the more mediocre we found it. That aside, the portions were HUGE. Just a main would fill you up thoroughly.

Although we found the environment nice and cosy, with glass walls you could look out of, the positioning of the tables meant that only one person could look out into the greenery. It also does get rather loud and noisy during peak hours, especially if there are big groups laughing and each person raising their voice a little higher than the next in order to be heard above the din.

PS Cafe
I ordered the BBQ Ribs with Blackcurrant Coleslaw and Onion Rings. I felt that a crispy batter for the onion rings would have been so much better than a mushy one.

PS Cafe BBQ Ribs
The boy ordered the Beef, Mushroom & Bacon Ragout. If only the beef was a little more tender, this would have been great.

PS Cafe Beef Mushroom Bacon Ragout
We regretted ordering the PS Fries after seeing how big the mains were. I had wanted the shoestring fries in truffle oil but the boy ordered the wrong one. The fries came with BBQ & lemongrass sauce which I found weird.

PS Cafe Shoestring Fries

My verdit? $10 for ordinary tasting fries ~.~

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