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Monday, August 3, 2009

Dinner @ Sun with Moon Japanese Dining and Cafe

One of the places we seldom come to for meals, as we find their prices on the high side for the kind of food they serve. The only thing that keeps us coming back is their Matcha Parfait.

Bill for two came up to about $70.

Eel and asagi rice. Perfect!

Sun with Moon Japanese Eel Asagi Rice
Sun with Moon Japanese Eel Asagi Rice
Beef stew. Another great dish though saltier than I would have liked.

Sun with Moon Japanese Beef Stew
Spicy chicken with egg. This was spicy alright, but much too salty. I certainly wouldn't order this again.

Sun with Moon Japanese Eel Spicy Chicken with Egg
The Matcha Parfait at Sun with Moon is the best green tea ice cream I've tasted, choke full of mochi, jelly and chestnuts. I don't see the conflakes at the bottom as a filler. I have always loved conflakes with milk :)

Sun with Moon Japanese Matcha Parfait

More Sun with Moon desserts here.

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