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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Going Vegetarian - Green Room Cafe @ Bishan Park

The boy had been talking about going vegetarian - not strictly - since we came back from Japan, but we haven't been able to do it so far. I do not find vegetarian food cheap nor healthy, at least not those you can get at the market. They are fried and are extremely oily. However, I have every intention of eating healthy once I move into my new place and can finally cook to my heart's content :)

Well, we were pondering over what to have for dinner again (after 5 years of eating out this is fast becoming a dreaded chore) and finally decided on vegetarian. I had seen the Green Room Cafe's promotion of a 1-for-1 avocado wrap a couple of weeks ago, and was hoping they still had it, but unfortuntely, the promotion was over. Instead, they had 1-for-1 smoothies and fruit juices, so I got myself a Blue Rush (blueberries/banana/apple) and the boy got some tropical concoction of coconut/pineapple/banana.

Green Room Cafe at Bishan Park

I felt like having rice, and ordered a baked brown rice with cheese and mushroom. It was a little bland, but this was my first time tasting brown rice which isn't dry or hard, changing my perception and perhaps my decision to incorporate it into future home-cooked meals.

Baked Rice, Green Room Cafe at Bishan Park

Baked Rice, Green Room Cafe at Bishan Park

The boy wanted something light and got himself a salad of spinach leaves, pumpkin, tomatoes and cheese. Salad for dinner? That's not something I'll ever understand :')

Green Room Cafe Bishan Park Pumpkin and Spinach Salad

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