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Friday, February 12, 2010

CNY Dinner at Oscar's, Conrad

We went to Oscar thinking that they had lo hei but apparently it only starts from 22 January. Darn it! Other than this disappointment, and the fact that the Filipino staff shucking the oysters treated us with double standards which pissed my bb off, the selection and quality of the food was as usual, rather good. Clearing of dishes was prompt only when the place was half full.

The selection of bread which they bring to each table.

Oscar's Conrad Hotel
The cold dishes the boy headed for.

Oscar's Conrad Hotel

Sphagetti, fried rice, beef stew, yam balls, chicken in corn sauce, cod fish, garlic prawns, roast duck and chicken.

A mixed platter of sushi, and lobster salad in the glass.

Chicken soup with papaya and white fungus. This is the first time I've seen this dish at a buffet.

Nonya kueh, mango chocolate cake, plum mousse (this wasn't good) ...

Fruits and chocolate biscotti. They have a variety of biscuits but after all the baking I did, I'm kind of weaned off the craving ... lol. I took the biscotti just so I could compare it to the one I baked :)

Salad and crackers. I'm not a salad person but since I have not tried germinated beans nor radish before, why not?

Ice cream for last. Sour mango and passion fruit for the kick, pistachio tasted almony, tiramisu was good, chocolate & vanilla. A selection of fine chocolate, gummies, marshmallows and other toppings to go along ...

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