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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cortry Starter Pack (Neck Mask & Hydration Mask)

Since I liked the Cortry Eye Mask, and given my recent craving for cloth masks, I decided to get the Cortry Starter Pack ($1.95 @ Watson's).

cortry mask
cortry mask
The Hydration Mask contains intensive Chinese herbal essences like lingzhi, as well as almond and pearl powder that aids in deep action hydration. According to the package, the effect is doubled when the mask is heated, therefore it would be better to place the sealed packet in hot water for 3-5 minutes just before use.

The Neck Treatment Mask contains nourishing herbs picked from mountaintop forests 1400-1800m above sea level, that replenish nutrients and water whilst whitening the skin. Like the Hydration Mask, the effect is doubled when the mask is heated.

cortry neck mask
The scent is a strong herbal, similar to the eye mask. However, unlike the eye mask, these don't cause a flush.

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