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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ed Pinaud Eyeshadow Ombres Quatuor

I found the Ed Pinaud Eyeshadow Quad that comes with the current copy of L'officiel magazine at Cold Storage Bugis, where I was grocery shopping yet again!

The compact comes with a mirror, a sponge applicator, and a brush applicator. Only 2.4g in total, each pan is tiny, with a diameter of only 1.9cm, as opposed to their single color eyeshadows, which are 3.5g. This is the first time I've seen an attached plastic protector for the pans and I'm liking it :)

Ed Pinaud Eyeshadow Ombres
The colors for Hazelnut Chocolate are brownish with the darkest color having a hint of purple. All are matte and long lasting, but needs building up.

Ed Pinaud Eyeshadow Ombres


Anonymous said...

hi dear

I'm just wondering if your EP set come with a embossed EP word on the cover?

chloe.poppy said...

Yes it does :)

J said...

oooh #3 is the one I wanted and I can't find it anywhere!

chloe.poppy said...

#3 is pretty :) I got it from pre-ordering though it's more expensive and less You might want to try their facebook as I've seen people trying to swap palettes with each other.