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Friday, February 25, 2011

Dr Cilabo Acneless Gel

I got this during my trip to Japan in 2009 when it was in a lovely glass jar. The revamped version comes with a pump which is definitely more hygenic, but I do not know if the container still remains glass.

Dr Cilabo Acneless Gel
I got the Dr Cilabo trial pack during my trip, used the items while I was there, and found the pretty speckles so enticing, I forked out for the full-size jar. Although a white plastic spatula is provided, I prefer to scoop the product with my fingers. Not that it makes the job any easier, considering the texture is soft and mushy like jello and slides off very easily.

Dr Cilabo Acneless Gel
The main acne-prevention ingredient in this gel is salicylic acid. It also contains charcoal powder and sage to mattify, allantoin and aloe to soothe. Ceramide and soluble collagen plumps the skin, lemon peel oil and ivy extract tighten the skin and aids circulation, and chlorella vulgaris helps diminish dark circles and spider veins and boosts the production of elastin.

Dr Cilabo Acneless Gel Ingredient List

I would say the gel is unscented, but there is a slight hint of glue which disappears immediately as the gel is worked into the skin. The gel absorbs very well leaving the skin matt, but for oily complexions, the oil control power leaves much to be desired.

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