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Monday, February 21, 2011

Lemongrass House Handmade Rose Absolute Shower Gel, Lavender Hydrating Body Cream, Lemongrass & Green Tea Body Scrub, and Blue Chamomile Room Spray

I'll start off with the two products I absolutely adore.

Rose Absolute Shower Gel. Prices are $9 for a 120ml bottle and $18 for a 260ml bottle, which is comparable to The Body Shop's shower creams. The bottle of Rose Absolute Shower Gel I have comes with a string-tied red paper top which somehow reminds me of the hats of samsui women.

Lemongrass House Rose

Different scents have different colored tops, making up the colors of the rainbow. They look so cute all lined up in a row!

Lemongrass House shower gels

The shower gels foam pretty well which is a plus for me. Instead of water, it has lavender hydrosol as the base and contains aloe vera, glycerin and jojoba oil to moisturise the skin. The shower gel also contains green tea and sea kelp extract which are rich in vitamins and minerals, and aid in reducing inflammation. Because the absolute form of the rose is being used, it smells exactly like the real thing, deep and sensuous with a hint of sweetness.

Lemongrass House Rose Shower ingredients

Another thing that delighted me was finding that the opening had a stopper with a small hole. It makes dispensing the gel so much easier and mess-free.

Lemongrass House shower gel

If there is one thing that can top the shower gels, it's got to be the Lemongrass and Green Tea Body Scrub. What attracted me to this particular scrub were the little green tea bits in it. This smells more lemony than lemongrass in my opinion. It has the consistency of a lotion and spreads easily, and although it does not contain a foaming agent, it does not leave my skin feeling oily. Oily skin and oily bathroom floors are my pet peeves when it comes to non soap-based scrubs. The amount of jojoba beads in the scrub are enough to provide adequate exfoliation but it's gentler than the Body Shop's Grapefruit Body Scrub, which contains silica and which I also love by the way, and definitely less harsh than salt or sugar scrubs.

Lemongrass House Green Tea Body Scrub

Lemongrass House Green Tea Body Scrub

The interesting thing about the scrub however, is that it doubles up as a sort of body mask. Leaving it on your skin for 10 minutes before washing it off helps in detoxification. You can get about 5 uses out of the 150g tub and I just wanted to use it almost every single day, which meant that it lasted me slightly more than a week!

Lemongrass House Body Scrub Ingredients

The Lavender Hydrating Body Cream is a warm, spicy lavender-scented lotion which has the consistency of a milk, but spreads thickly and takes a little time to completely rub in. The lavender scent fades quickly, leaving behind a faint lingering sweetness. Compared to The Body Shop's Divine Calm Sublime Body Lotion which has a much harsher and pungent scent and which I ended up trashing, I much prefer the scent of this.

Lemongrass House Lavendar Body Cream

Lemongrass House Lavendar Body Cream ingredients

The Lavender Hydrating Body Cream contains aloe vera juice instead of water as a base, and has shea and cocoa butters, and jojoba oil to moisturise the skin.

Lemongrass House Body Cream ingredients
I hardly scent my room but I tried the popular Blue Chamomile Room Spray which supposedly eases anxiety and tension, calms and relaxes the mind and promotes peace. I'm not familiar with blue chamomile, but this has a fresh oceanic kind of scent.

Blue Chamomile Room Spray

Blue Chamomile Room Spray ingredients

Unfortunately, I am not a convert. The scent is intense when sprayed out of the bottle but with open windows, the scent does not linger for more than an hour, nor is it as long-lasting as using an oil burner or fragrance sticks. I like to have my room scented for at least the entire day without the need to constantly re-spray, and with open windows, the scent just needs something to settle on, like a hand towel! So that's how I'm using the sprays now, to scent my hand towels. Four to five spritzs and the scent lasts up to three days, which means that a bottle will last a rather long time.

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