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Monday, February 14, 2011

Sentosa Flower Festival 2011 via the Boardwalk

Yesterday being the last day of the Flower Festival at Sentosa, the boy and I decided to jaunter down the Boardwalk (again!). Entry to Sentosa via the Boardwalk costs only a dollar, as compared to taking the train from Vivocity which costs $3.

Sentosa Flower Festival
I took the opportunity to play with the new camera app on my iphone, so here are some lovely nightviews I captured as we made our way into Sentosa.

Sentosa Flower Festival
Sentosa Flower Festival
Sentosa Flower Festival
I wanted to go into the Candilicious store to get some candy, but ended up not getting any as we were in a hurry to catch the mechanical crane show at 9pm. We ended up not catching that either, because the show was delayed due to techinacal difficulies, and we did not want to miss the Flower Festival.

Sentosa Flower Festival
Valentine's Day tomorrow. Chocolate roses anyone? Speaking of Valentine's day, give a girl roses and she'll tell you it's a waste of money. Give her chocolates and she'll complain she'd get fat. Don't give her anything and it's even worse. Thank god I'm not a guy. lol.

Sentosa Flower Festival
Another shot of the Hello Kitty lolli. I couldn't resist. It's just too cute.

And these are marshmallows which didn't look very edible. I thought they were magnets!

The theme of the Flower Festival had everything to do with the Year of the Rabbit. There were many photo points.

Here 's photo point one.

Photo point two for lovey-dovey couples.

And no thank you. Apparently it's easy to fuck rabbits up. Remember the scary rabbit at the River Hongbao? Well, this one looks like it's delivering. Somehow I feel offended.

Some random photos.

I thought that this year's festival paled in comparison to the one held two years ago. Most of the displays were just pots of the same type of plants placed together and just unspectacular. We were especially looking forward to reading our fortunes but there weren't any this year. 30 minutes was more than enough for a quick lookaround and at 9.55pm, five minutes before the Flower Festival ended, we took the train back to Vivocity to catch the movie Black Swan, which I thought was really well-scripted, and a pleasant end to a weekend night.

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