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Monday, March 14, 2011

Kracie Naive Makeup Remover Sheet (Green)

I noticed the green and pink packs of Kracie Naive Makeup Remover Sheets at Watsons a couple of months ago and decided to get the green one, which claims to remove waterproof makeup.

Kracie Naive Makeup Remover Sheet

Each sheet contains castor oil and olive leaf extract. It also contains alcohol, glycols, parabens and fragrance. The scent is light and similar to regular freshening wipes.

Kracie Naive Makeup Remover Sheet

The flip top does a good job in keeping the sheets moist and two months later, my pack of sheets are still as moist. However, there isn't much moisture in the sheets to begin with. Partly because of that, it does not work really well in removing waterproof mascara. Even though the sheet is pressed onto the lashes for a while as instructed, it still takes more tugging than anyone would like, to get all the mascara off. If you have a habit of piling on mascara, you're better off with an oil cleanser. It works well in removing the rest of the makeup though, both base and point, although I need at least two sheets to get the entire face clean, as each sheet is a tiny 8cm x 20cm.

Kracie Naive Makeup Remover Sheet

* As I get to the bottom half of the packet, I notice that the sheets are wetter than those that were at the top! Perhaps you could store the packet upside down to solve the problem. I still use an oil-based eye makeup remover for waterproof lashes though.

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