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Monday, March 7, 2011

Long Phung Vietnamese Restaurant

We were at Joo Chiat looking for a kettle to replace the one that I destroyed, by forgetfully leaving it on an open stove for hours, when we saw this Vietnamese restaurant. The boy mentioned that he remembered seeing the restaurant being featured on a local variety programme, but wasn't sure if this was the one, as there were quite a few Vietnamese eating places along Joo Chiat Road. Am I glad we decided to eat at this restaurant, as I had the most fantastic drink ever!

Long Phung Vietnamese Restaurant

I had the Pho Dac Biet, or Special Noodle Soup. It tastes like regular beef noodle soup.

Long Phung Vietnamese Restaurant Pho Dac Biet

The boy had the Bun Bo Hue, or Beef and Pork Leg Rice Noodle Soup, which was much nicer as the stewed meat was really tender and fell away easily from the bones.

Long Phung Vietnamese Restaurant Bun Bo Hue

I had the nicer drink though. The boy had boring old coconut. I was adventurous enough to order the tamarind drink and I would go back again just for this. Sweet, sour with a generous amount of tamarind fruit and a handful of roasted peanuts in it, which was weird but I didn't mind, as I like having chewy stuff in my drinks.

Long Phung Vietnamese Restaurant tamarind drink

Long Phung Vietnamese Restaurant

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