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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Arezia Mini Nail Polish #725 Purple Pink Shimmer

I have been on an Arezia Mini Nail Polish spree, considering how cheap it is and just perfect for someone who hardly finishes full-sized products. These are the latest four I got, and just managed to use #725 (third from top) over the weekend.

Arezia Mini Nail Polish
A light purple pink color with a silvery shimmer, it would take you more than two coats to get the intensity true to bottle. Not all Arezia nail colors are lasting, and this is one of the longer lasting colors that actually adheres to the nail, rather than just sit on it.

One coat under sunlight:

Arezia Mini Nail Polish
Excuse the yellowish discoloration which I got from using #690 without a base coat.

Two coats under sunlight:

Arezia Mini Nail Polish
Two coats under artificial light:

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