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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Steam Cream ~HANA~ Limited Edition

I finally got myself a 75g tin of the much talked-about Steam Cream that comes in oh-so-pretty aluminum tins.

Design ~HANA~ Limited Edition

steamcream HANA
The cream is similar, regardless of the design of the tin. A base of soothing oatmeal infusion and orange flower water, with almond and jojoba oils and cocoa butter to nourish and hydrate, lavender oil to heal and calm, rose absolute to moisturise and tone, and neroli to rejuvenate the skin. It does contain triethanolamine and parabens, but it makes me happy to know that every single ingredient that goes into making this cream is cruelty-free.

steamcream HANA ingredients
I was surprised at the size of the orange box that it come in, and upon opening it, was happy to discover the tin of cream similarly sized :). I thought it was going to be one of those super thin screw top tins, but the 3cm depth put a smile on my face.

steamcream HANA
The freshly handmade cream has a rather short shelf life of about a year, but the beautiful tin will definitely be serving some other purpose for far longer :)

steamcream HANA
Steam Cream will be locally available at BHG Bugis this Friday.

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