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Friday, July 8, 2011

Tarts @ Fruit Paradise

A month or two ago, the boy and I went on a fruit tart craze, specifically the tarts from Fruit Paradise. Although I never liked tarts, I found the tarts at Fruit Paradise more of a cake then a tart, and I love cakes! The price for a slice is comparable to places like Bakerzin, although the tarts are not as filling despite their deceptively huge size. They owe their size to the layers of cream, and somehow this makes the tarts feel lighter and more 'empty' than it looks. It is also for this very reason that I find their tarts rather unhealthy. It kinda feels like eating fruits with cream.

Here are the tarts we've tried so far:

Mixed Berries Chocolate with a chocolate base - $7.80
Made with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and rich chocolate cream.

Fruit Paradise Tarts
Strawberry Tiramisu with a custard base - $6.80
Made from fresh strawberries and rich cheese cream. The taste of cheese is really subtle.

Mixed Fruit with a custard base - $7.80
Made with 9 different kinds of fruit.

Fruit Paradise Tarts

Fruit Paradise Tarts

Mango Strawberry with a custard base - $7.80
Made from thai honey mangoes and fresh strawberries.

Fruit Paradise Tarts
Fruit Paradise Tarts
Strawberry Montblanc with a custard base - $7.80
This is one of my favourites with chestnut cream from Switzerland and fresh strawberries, two of my great loves :)

Fruit Paradise Tarts

Mango Banana with a cheese base - $6.80
Made from Thai honey mangoes and ripe bananas.

Fruit Paradise Tarts

Nutty Caramel with custard base - $6.80
Salty caramel cream on sponge cake with caramelised mixed nuts and fresh fruits. Both the boy and I think that this tart tops the list :)

Fruit Paradise Tarts

Fruit Paradise Tarts

Fruit Paradise can be found at Vivocity, Plaza Singapura, Raffles City, Tampines 1, and Orchard Central where I had my first experience, not of their tarts, but their food.

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