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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Triple.M Crunchy Roasted Seaweed Giant Sheet

Satisfied my love for seaweed today with a packet of Triple.M Crunchy Roasted Seaweed. They have it in various flavours, one being Grilled Squid. I was afriad that the flavoured ones would be too salty, as they normally are, and full of MSG, so I got the Original Giant Sheet which comes in 10 individually wrapped packets in a main resealable ziplock pack.

Triple.M Crunchy Seaweed
Triple.M Crunchy Seaweed
These are crunchier (as in more brittle) then your usual seaweed sheets, are sweetly flavoured and not too salty. I couldn't taste the pepper though. Retails for around $3 per pack with each piece measuring approximately 18cm x 20cm! It's 'Yum Yum' alright ;)

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