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Friday, August 19, 2011

Terracotta Warriors @ The Asian Civilisations Museum

Although it is stated that the exhibition features a hundred artefacts from Shaanxi province in China, including important bronzes and jades from the Qin state, it was confined to a room and felt very small. In addition, most of the terracotta on exhibit were merely replicas. Nevertheless, a lot of knowledge can be gained if following the guide on one of the scheduled tours.

My favourite was this replica of the life-sized chariot found on the West side of the Emperor's tomb mound, probably similar to the one he used on his inspection tours. The original piece being too fragile, never left China.

General of the Qin dynasty, identified by the distinctive headdress and tassels on the upper chest.

Closeup of the limestone armour. It was probably merely symbolic and not actually used in battle, due to the weight and fragility of limestone.

One of a set of three bronze bells excavated at Baoji, and most probably commissioned by Duke Wu of Qin. The inscription on the bell states that the Dukes of Qin had been given the heavenly mandate to rule.

Although the exhibit was small, we had a lot of fun with the accompanying iphone app featuring Augmented Reality experiences and mini-games.

You can watch the movie clip of the boy striking the AR bell here.

3D invincible archers marching and shooting arrows with their crossbows.

I've tried to capture the arrow in mid air (see 2 of them at the extreme right?)

The one below was my favourite! The effect of the soldier crawling out of the cave the was just so real.

Special Exhibition
Terracotta Warriors: The First Emperor and His Legacy
24 Jun 2011 - 16 Oct 2011
Admission Fee: $8

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