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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lunch at Shokudo the Cafe

We started to have our lunch cum afternoon tea on a regular basis at Shokudo, when I was taking chinese painting classes near Bugis last year. Our favourite would be the fried shitake mushrooms @ around $6.90 for  a small portion. Both of us love mushrooms, occasionally indulging at Mushroom Park, and their fried mushroom makes for a wonderful light snack.

Today we had a full lunch of seafood pasta and curry pork cutlet omu rice. I never got used to Japanese curry, prefering our spicy local curry, but this curry was more local than Japanese, which was good, since we often share our food.

The two glasses of drinks - honey yuzu and apple cider - were complimentary, as they were short-handed and took ages in serving us our meal. That's not good especially  when you're dealing with starving customers :')

Seafood Pasta at Shokudo Cafe

Curry Pork Cutlet Omu Rice at Shokudo Cafe

Speaking of yuzu, I used to love drinking those jars of honey yuzu you can get from certain supermarkets or speciality stores. These are usually Korean in origin. It comes as a thick syrup with yuzu bits which you mix with water, like you'd do with honey. Apple cider on the other hand, can easily be gotten from health stores or certain supermarkets. Without the apple chunks of course.

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