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Friday, November 4, 2011

Cosmetics and Skincare Promotions in Taipei

While planning our trip to Taipei, I expected to haul mainly Taiwanese cosmetics and skincare like Dr Wu, My Beloved One, Naruko, Shills, Majiami etc. Surprisingly, what attracted me most were major departmental store brand like Jill Stuart, Anna Sui, Bobbi Brown, SkII and Darphin.

The second half of October and first half of November seems like a really good time to do some major hauling in Taipei as there are sales going on in almost all major departmental stores.

Here is the Jill Stuart promotion going on at the A8 Shinkong Mitsukoshi departmental store in the Xinyi district.

Every purchase of a perfume set (full sized perfume + travel sized spray) entitles you to a fabric covered jewellery box. I thought the box was ceramic or porcelain, in which case, I would have gotten myself a set.

Quad blush, lip gloss duo compact and travel perfume spray set.
Hand cream, lip scrub, lipgloss, mini eye cream set.
Quad eyeshadow, eyeliner, eye jelly and travel-seized mist set.

Loose powder, foundation, mini base set with a fabric evening pouch.
Pressed powder compact, day care essence, mini base set with a fabric evening pouch.

I got myself one of the Jill Stuart promotional sets consisting of the face wash, berry scrub and a travel sized mist, a loose powder blush, quad blush, and loose powder in #03 shimmer, just because it was pink in color! These 4 sets below can only be gotten at A8 Shinkong Mitsukoshi.

The GWP that came with spending at least NT5000 was an acrylic container for cotton puffs (huge!), and either a travel-sized shower gel (85ml) or body cream (50g). Considering that Jill Stuart isn't available in Singapore, and tourists get a 5% tax rebate in addition to an NT500 Shinkong Mitsukoshi voucher for spending at least NT5000 in a day, it was a pretty good deal.

Anna Sui is cheaper in Taiwan than in Singapore.

I got myself the promotional set of a loose powder and cheek color for NT1400. I choose #200 for the loose powder just because it was purple in color. I know. The promotional set also comes with a purple Anna Sui tote bag with ice cream prints.

I got myself another loose powder, this time in #700, at the airport. Partly because we were trying to rid ourselves of our remaining Taiwan dollars after a yummy dinner of beef noodle soup. It cost only NT1070 (S$46), which is still cheaper than what you'd pay in departmental stores here when they have a 20% discount. I also got a bottle of rather expensive nail polish remover for NT370, but with the heart-shaped bottle that's purple and made of glass, I just couldn't resist.

I was intending to get something from Darphin too, but decided that it's still too expensive. The picture below shows the promotions they were having.

As for SKII, they were having a really good deal with 2 essence-in foundations and a 30ml bottle of essence going for about S$130 or so . Unfortunately, the limited number of sets sold out before I could get my hands on one of them. Not surprising, considering that it was a fantastic deal.

As for departmental store brands, I got myself a couple of items from Naruko and Integrate. Here's part of my mini haul.


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