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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Taipei Day 2: Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)

Since night markets in Taipei open till 11pm or even later, and it'd probably take you about 2-3 hours maximum to browse everything and perhaps sit down for a snack or two, we had plenty of time left for Shilin Night Market after leaving Danshuei.

One thing that amazes me is the sheer number of people thronging the night markets everyday, given that the majority of them seem to be locals.

Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)
A shop selling flowery clothes, where I bought 2 floral sleeveless tops for just NT100 each.

Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)
Colorful hair accessories out of a suitcase.

Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)
They have a TheFaceShop outlet at Shilin Night Market. The prices in Taipei are still highly jacked up though.

Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)

There is one shop there that specialises in capsule machines and related toys. You can either try your luck for NT400-600, or just buy the entire set.

Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)

Rockcoco. I had never heard of this brand selling funky t-shirts and more. They even collaborated with NY Bagels, our favourite breakfast place in Taipei.

Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)

The tagline made me laugh: BoloKing - Bolo your life. It's the Bolo Bun which you can also find at the Crystal Jade bakery in Singapore, a soft bun with a sweet upper crust, here stuffed with a slab of butter. Yummy!

Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)
Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)

As you walk towards the end of the night market, diagonally across the road and opposite Jiantan Subway Station, you will see a separate food market.

Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)

There are many food stalls, but not much of a crowd. It felt like a regular hawker center.

Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)

Sugar cane juice, which is purported to be good for colds and sore throats.

Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)

Frogs eggs with aiyu jelly which caught my attention. not sure if they are real frogs eggs.

Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)

Pig's blood, which is banned in Singapore, but which we had for our dinner at Mala hotpot on our second last day in Taipei.

Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)

Beef noodle soup, which we had for dinner on our last day, at the airport.

Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)

Here's leaving you with a funky food item - fried milk. I had no idea milk could be fried, did you?

Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)

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